Merkur slant review (and a bonus review)


Hey everyone, welcome back. Today I’m reviewing the mythical 37c slant bar razor from Merkur, as well as a quick impression of Fine Accoutrements’ American Blend aftershave splash.

You’ll notice some extra stuff in the photo above, which I’d like to mention really quick. Today’s lather was actually an Uberlather using Arko shave stick (which I have shoved into an empty deodorant container), C.O. Bigelow cream, and a couple drops of liquid glycerine (not pictured). For those unfamiliar with the technique, Uberlather is made by loading your brush with soap, then adding a bit of cream and a few drops of the glycerine. It’s a really effective way to get phenomenal lathers without having to work too hard. I recommend giving it a shot sometime. It’s definitely something I go back to frequently.

Anyway on to the good stuff. I received my Merkur slant earlier this week as an anniversary gift from my lovely wife, along with all the other goodies I bought from I’m not going to lie, I’ve wanted one of these for awhile. They’re very highly regarded, and almost universally recommended as a second razor. The reason is the cutting action of a slant bar razor is different from other razors. The blade exposure is different across the width of the blade resulting in more of a slicing action than with a straight bar. (think guillotine) This is supposed to be excellent for people with coarse beards and sensitive skin – an affliction that I seem to be cursed with. My beard is fairly sparse and patchy in spots, but what hair grows is thick and dark. Combine that with my near translucent, acne prone skin, and you have what folks in New Zealand would call a “ressapee f’ disastah, mate”. Fortunately for me, I think the slant bar is a great fit, and has already earned a regular slot in my rotation. My first shave was with a day’s growth and I used the same prep and lather as today. I started off with a fresh feather blade (bold move, I know) and proceeded about my shave as normal. I did a full 3 pass shave and the results were pretty good, especially on my neck. It was a little tuggy in spots, but feathers do that in aggressive razors for me. For the second shave, I skipped shaving yesterday so I could give it a go with 2 days growth. I used a spankin new Astra superior platinum blade and my results are nearly perfect, especially on my usual trouble spots. My neck and under my chin are stubborn, uncomfortable bastards to get a close shave on, but it was nothing for the slant. Super smooth and no irritation or razor burn whatsoever. I will say it’s a little hard to maneuver this beast under your nose without feeling like you’re going to perform an amateur lip-ectomy, so I’ll probably reach for another razor to minimize the risk of hacking my lip off, especially across the grain. At least until I get the hang of the angle and pressure. Overall, I’d say this baby is a must try, especially for those with coarse beards and sensitive skin.

Up next is a really quick review of the American Blend aftershave splash from Fine Accoutrements. Ordered from their Etsy shop, it arrived in about 6 days from all the way across the country, very well packed. When you crack this baby open the first thing you smell is alcohol and a lot of it, which gives way to a really nice clean, masculine smell not unlike Gravity cologne (which is one of the few colognes I can stand).
Despite the initial hit of alcohol, when it hits your face there’s very little if any burn. Shake a nickel sized puddle into your palm, rub your hands together for a few seconds, then open your palms and count to three (this lets some of the alcohol evaporate to lower the odds of reenacting the famous scene from Home Alone). Slap that good stuff on your freshly shorn mug and you’ll be rewarded with a nice cooling sensation as well as a pleasant toning quality that leaves your face feeling great. You’ll smell amazing too. The initial scent diminishes pretty significantly after an hour, so if you shave well before you leave the house you might catch yourself reapplying another splash later on like I did today. I really like this stuff a lot, and it has earned it’s spot in the rotation for the foreseeable future. Killer product, and a fair price at around 20 bucks shipped. EDIT: My wife just got home from work and she’s literally sniffing me as I write this. Apparently this stuff goes higher in the rotation than I thought.

That’s it for this round. Thanks for reading! I’d like to extend a big thank you to the fine folks in r/wicked_edge, but especially u/leisureguy. Without his incessant recommendation for the slant bar I may have never had the pleasure. My next post will most likely be guitar related, so if you’re a geetar fan check back for that one. It’ll be good.


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